Salomon 100 Virtual Run Salomon 100 Virtual Run



Salomon香港動力100虛擬跑 2021


SIGN UP 2021 Salomon 100 Virtural Run



路線 完成方法 完成時間 完成獎牌 限量金銀銅章 ITRA積分
Route Complete Method Complete Time Finisher Medal Limited gold, silver and bronze medals ITRA Point
100km 一次性完成 One-time completion 18小時內 Within 18 hours 有 Yes 金章 Gold Medal5 Points
22小時內 Within 22 hours 銀章 Sliver Medal
26小時內 Within 26 hours 銅章 Bronze Medal
32小時內 Within 32 hours 沒有 No
32小時以外 Over 32 hours 沒有 No Points
分段性完成 Segmented completion 不限 Unlimited
50km 一次性完成 One-time completion 16小時內 Within16 hours 3 Points
分段性完成Segmented completion 不限 Unlimited 沒有 No Points



Check Points

Self-service supply points & Photo record points (each photo must show the face of the racer and the specified object)

Note: The 50Km and 100Km course are slightly different on the Shing Mun section and Tsuen Kam Highway section.

檢查站 地點 100KM 累計距離 50KM 累計距離 規定拍照點 自助補給點
Check Point Location Total Distance Total Distance Photo record points Self-service supply points
起點 錦石新村遊樂場 0km 0km photo001 太和火車站 / 錦石新村餐廳
Starting Point Kam Shek New Village Playground Photo 1
(must with Race Bib)
Tai Wo Station/ Kam Shek New Village Café
4km 4km X 碗窰路士多
Wun Yiu Road Store
鉛礦坳 6.8km 6.8km X 付費自助加水機
Lead Mine Pass Paid self-service water dispenser
針山頂 11.4km 11.4km photo002
Needle Hill Top Photo 2
CP1 城門 13.3km 13.3km X
Shing Mun
16.8km 13.6km X 城門燒烤區4號場, 自助加水機
Shing Mun Barbecue Area Site 4
17.9km 14.7km X 波蘿壩士多
Pineapple Dam Store
龍門郊遊徑牌 23.2km 19.9km photo003
Lung Mun Country Trail Photo 3
24.7km 21.5km X 川龍士多
Chuen Lung Store
CP2 大帽山道茶水亭 26.3km 23.km X 大帽山道茶水亭
Tai Mo Shan Kiosk Tai Mo Shan Kiosk
CP3 大帽山遊客中心 36.5km 29.8km X 大帽山遊客中心士多
Tai Mo Shan Country Park Visitor Centre Tai Mo Shan Country Park Visitor Centre Store
四方亭 42.1km 35.7km photo004
Sze Fong Pavilion Photo 4
CP4 梧桐寨 45.8km 39.3km X
Ng Tung Chai
北大刀刃 51.6km photo005
Pak Tai To Yan Photo 5
CP5 蓬瀛仙館 (蝴蝶山徑) 55.3km 50km photo006 粉嶺火車站便利店
Fung Ying Seen Koon (Wu Tip Shan Trail) Photo 6 (50km only) Fanling Railway Station Convenience Store. Photo not required for 100km
龍山 59.1km X photo007
Lung Shan Photo 7
62.7km X X 鶴藪燒烤場 - 飲品售賣機
Barbecue Site - Drink vending machine
CP6 新屋仔 64.1km X X
San Uk Tsai
CP7 新娘潭路(降下坳燒烤場) 75.2km X X
Bride's Pool Road
77km X X 降下坳燒烤場
Drink vending machine
78.8km X X 盈佳茶座
Ying Kai Tea House close at 4pm
宋伯士多 80.3km X photo008 宋伯士多
Song Bo Store Photo 8 Song Bo Store close at 5pm
84km X X 烏蛟騰士多
Wu Kau Tang Store close at 5pm
CP8 新娘潭路(八仙嶺自然教育徑交界) 85.6km X X 新娘潭路 - 飲品售賣機
Bride's Pool Road Brides Pool Road - Drink vending machine
純陽峰 90.3km X photo009
Shun Yeung Fung Photo 9
CP9 鶴藪水塘 95.7km X X
Hok Tau Reservoir
終點 錦石新村遊樂場 103.6km X photo010
End Point Kam Shek New Village Playground Photo 10



GPX last updated on 14-3-2021 更新


Rules and Regulations 比賽規則



賽事進行期間,各參賽者必須攜帶下列物品,大會可能於賽事中作裝備檢查。 如欠缺任何指定裝備,可能被加長完成時間或取消參賽資格

Each participant will need to carry the following items with them at all times.  There will be random gear checks during the event and if you are missing any item you will incur a penalty which may range from a time penalty to disqualification, depending on the severity of the breach.





UTMB Qualifying Race


Salomon 香港動力100賽事已經被列入2022年 Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® 的認可賽事。


Salomon Hong Kong Dynamic100 is a qualifying race for the 2022 Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® 

Solo Finishers of 100km will get 5 points. Solo Finishers of 50km will get 3 points.

Western States

在32小時以內完成比賽的跑步者將有資格申請參加Western States100 miles賽事。

Runners who complete the race within 32 will qualify to enter a lottery where the runners for Western States 100miles will be selected.


額外選購紀念衣Souvenir clothing purchase:$168


賽事衣參考圖樣 Competition clothing reference pattern